1. AIEESE (Secondary) application form is available online at our official webpage www.aieesesecondary.co.in.

2. Applicants of AIEESE (Secondary) - 2022 have to apply the form Online only.

3. Please ensure your eligibility as per the criteria led down for AIEESE (Secondary) and participating institutions (as applicable).

4. Candidates, who have applied for AIEESE (Secondary) - 2022, will be notified through SMS / email when the Application will be completed.

5. The candidates are advised to retain the same mobile number and email-ID in use which they have furnished in the application form because the important information may be sent to the candidates through SMS or email. The candidates are advised to have their own personal active email ID.

6. The candidates can apply for scrutiny after the result, a notification will be published on the website.

7. The admission procedure shall be subject to verification of original certificates/ documents at the time of admission. If any candidate is found ineligible at a later stage even after admission to an institute, his/her admission shall be canceled.

8. For the latest information related to AIEESE (Primary) – 2022, kindly visit AIEESE (Secondary) official website- www.aieeseprimary.co.in

9. The communication address of AIEESE (Secondary) is:

Block – B, 109, First Floor, Sector 5, Noida Delhi (NCR), U.P - 201301.
Email: enquiry@aieeseprimary.co.in

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